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   Whats the Catch?

   There is no catch.  Equipment free of charge, no lease costs. How much are you

   paying now? How much would you save?


   So what else are you going to try and sell me?

   Nothing, we won't try and sell our products into other area's of the school.


   So what about toners and service?

   We will supply toners and service the machine for 3 years and guarantee lower costs

   than are available on the OCG framework.


   What happens if it breaks down?

   We guarantee to be with you within 4 hours.  We will exchange the machine if we

   are not able to fix on site.  We won't leave you without a machine.


   Will you increase the service costs after 6 months?

   No we guarantee to fix the service costs for the life of the machine.


   So again whats the catch?

   There isn't one.


   So why are you doing this?

   We want schools to use their funding to pay for a better education for our kids.



Digital Office Technology is now able to offer all schools a donation of FREE copying/printing equipment to help ease the financial burden of ongoing lease costs.  With central and local Government cracking down on the illegal practice of schools signing finance lease's Digital Office Technology is in a position to donate FULL colour MFD's and also guarentee to service them for a period of    3 years at rates significantly lower than the OGC framework.